Works In Progress

What Matters Most” is a short story that I am currently working on!

New resident to Watch Hill, Gigi Donahue is ready for a new beginning.  Her hectic life in Boston and recent breakup pushed her into moving somewhere more peaceful and tranquil.  After years of wanting to become a bakery shop owner, she decides to take a leap of faith.  This, of course, is where Nick Garrett comes in.  With his expertise in real estate, Nick finds Gigi the perfect downtown spot for her bakery.
It doesn’t take Nick long to discover he has a strong attraction to his client; however, he has a bit of an issue with commitment.   But, unfortunately for him, Gigi is nowhere near ready for another relationship.  Her plan is to focus solely on her new found career and make an independent life for herself in her new home.  With Christmas just a few weeks away, Gigi has limited time to get her shop ready for the holiday crowd, so she recruits Nick to help with all of the last minute arrangements.  Will her initial plan of ‘flying solo’ falter or will she stand strong?  The answer lies within her heart…
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