About Kristin!

I am 27  years old and live in the beautiful foothills of West Virginia!  Writing has always been a passion for me, an escape from reality.  My normal blogs generally consist of encouragement and nostalgia and my other writing is basically for young adults (and older, of course)!  I have been blessed beyond measure and cannot be more appreciative of the amazing support system that I have!  My wonderful family consists of my hubby, mom, dad, brother, and the most adorable boston terrier ever, Nephi Grace!  Besides writing, I do have a full-time, 9-5 job at a Credit Union.  For those of you who wonder where my alias “Related Reality” comes from…well, I try to write on subjects that are relatable to reality (hence, RelatedReality).  I know, kind of cheesy, but it works for me! *GRIN*  Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy reading!

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