Kristin’s ROW80 Check-In for 01/25/12

Happy Wednesday fellow writers!

Whew, it has been another chaotic week for this girl!  I have been on the house hunt for almost a week now, rushing around after working hours to find the perfect home.  It has been hectic!  I haven’t been getting in until after nine in the evenings, so you can imagine how I have been scurrying around trying to keep to my normal, daily routine.  🙂

Here is the breakdown for the first part of the week!

Monday-  I managed to get out 129 words toward my short story. **WOO HOO**  I also wrote out some more ‘future’ ideas, hoping to eventually get around to them. 🙂

Tuesday-  Yesterday wasn’t very promising.  Due to my exhaustion and inability to focus, I wrote for 20 minutes and crashed!  (I did manage to get en entire 8 hours of sleep last night)

Wednesday-  Today has been a little better.  I get an hour for lunch and wrote for 45 minutes of it!  After work, I plan on writing up this week’s blog and hope to work on my story a little more.  This has been the longest short story to write!! 🙂

After a lot of consideration, I have decided to tweak my goals just a little!  Reality is a little crazy for me right now, but I am determined to find a good routine.


1.  Instead of forcing an hour of writing every evening, I am going to shoot for 100 words per day!  I’ve discovered that is an easier feat!  Slowly yet surely…

2.  I will keep my blog posting to twice a week; however, they may not fall on Mondays and Fridays. Plus, I’ve decided to do an author feature (either weekly or bi-weekly).  **This excludes my ROW80 updates and Six Sentence Sunday posts**

3.  I’m still shooting for the completion of my story!  (I know, pathetic!)  The timing is still uncertain. 🙂

4.  I plan on writing 2 more flash fictions.  One is already in the works!

5.  I’m going to be commenting more on other blog sites and doing more with RTs on Twitter!  I love to interact with other writers, so please feel free to follow me on Twitter ( I FOLLOW BACK) or look me up on Facebook.

As for my fellow ROW80ers, I do read your check-ins and try to keep up with other posts.  I apologize if I haven’t commented very much!  I try to catch up throughout the week via Android, so commenting can get a little tedious!!

I am so proud of everyone who is maintaining their goals!  Mixing writing into reality can become a challenge!!  Kudos to all!

~Happy Writing~


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