If I Knew Then…What I Know Now!

Hello to you!!

When we were younger, our ‘minds’ were made up for us.  Thanks to our wonderful parents, the decision-making process was rather simple.  However, there were times when I really wanted to make certain decisions for myself, but I always ran into the you’re too young roadblock.  It was quite aggravating! 🙂  At that young age, it was impossible to understand that our parents were really doing us a huge favor.  They were saving us from the stress that comes with making a decision.

If I knew then, what I know now…

My husband and I decided that it is time to pound the pavement and search for a more spacious house that is closer to both of our jobs!  Of course, my eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store when he told me that it was time for us to make the ‘big’ move! Five years ago, we purchased the ideal starter home (or so I thought).  It needed quite a bit of work and a lot of patience, but I was ready for the challenge.  Besides, we were young and doing the work ourselves was rewarding!  Over the five years, our little fixer-upper has become quite the comfy little abode; that is, if you are on the outside looking in.  After getting into the house we realized that it would end up being a complete overhaul.  For a 23-year-old, anything beyond painting was a nightmare!  We have worked and worked, eventually allowing ourselves to reach full on burnout mode.  In our time here we have replaced several floors, painted every room, installed new windows, added a laundry room, and remodeled the bathroom.  Now, it may not sound too bad, but we saved up the money to pay for everything and also did the work ourselves.  It was not only exhausting, but it was also hard on our marriage.  Plus, I did without a washer and dryer for four years!  It was so inconvenient to load up my laundry once a week and take it to my parents house so I could get it done.  (Thank goodness for my parents being gracious enough to put up with that for as long as they did, because the laundromat scared me!)

I’m looking forward to a new chapter!  It will be nice to have that much-needed second bathroom, larger closets, and my very own ‘writing’ room.  However, I know that leaving the place we have called home for the last few years will be bittersweet.

The stress of finding a new place is so overwhelming!  I forgot how difficult the whole process would be.  Not to mention, the DECISION plays such a huge role in everything.  Are we able to afford the move? Will it be the right house?  Is the neighborhood good enough for the prospective family? Will we be happy?  There is so much to consider and not enough sanity to keep it all under control! 🙂

Hmm, I think I would rather have the decision made for me.  You know, like the good ol’ days!





2 thoughts on “If I Knew Then…What I Know Now!

    • I am sorry that it took me so long to respond! It has been so hectic lately. 🙂 Thank you. I need all of the luck I can get! We look at four more tomorrow. My fingers are crossed!! 🙂

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