Lost in Transition…My Awkward Journey Through the Unknown!

I miss the simpler days, as a child, when ambitions were so exciting!  When you are young, the sky is the limit.  But now, as an adult, I realize that those ‘dreams’ are much harder to achieve.  One thing I can say for sure is this: my life has definitely not gone as initially planned!  However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

After high school, I made the decision to skip the whole ‘college’ thing and be my own independent woman!  (I would like to thank Beyonce for the not-so-great advice)  Yep, I was going to do BIG things on my own (or so I thought).  Come on, I was eighteen years old and a know-it-all, right?  Ha!  I was so wrong.  Let me tell you about my first big decision as a ‘legal’ adult!  Apparently, I was ‘grown’ enough to pack up and move thirty minutes away from the comforts of home.  Now that was a struggle!  Hard times or not, I was trying to prove a point and moving back with the parents was NOT an option.  One year after my new-found independence I was working TWO part-time jobs to make the equivalent of one full-time, forty hour work week.  By this time, I was fuming mad and running low on optimism.  Why had my genius plan gone awry?  Hmm, could it have been because I wasn’t as clever as I claimed to be?  By golly, I do believe that is correct! **LOL**  I continued this stupidity for about a year and a half and after no progress, it was time to pack it up and move back home.

I moved back home at the ripe old age of twenty!  This time, I was smarter and wiser than ever! (Can you tell that I like to build myself up?)  Here I am, just moved back home and once again I am back to pounding the pavement, looking for a worthwhile job.  I had played around with the idea of going back to college, but I decided to take another unknown path.  What was I thinking? Oh, I wasn’t.  Trust me!  I will say that this is the point where I did begin to discover my career path.  However, you must bear with me.  About two weeks after moving back, I landed a FULL-TIME job at a local custard business.  Food service wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’, but it was a steady paycheck and it actually paid above minimum wage!  *WOO HOO* I was ecstatic.  (Sense the enthusiasm?)  The attire wasn’t too bad either.  We could wear black or khaki pants with white polo shirts, black apron with the company logo embroidered on the front, and my least favorite of the look, the black visor!  I did not do hats of any sort!  (Hat hair, duh??)  It was also a pretty laid back job too, with good hours.  No complaints here.  So, I’m a working girl making pretty good money (and tips), liking my job, happy as can be until HE came along!  Before I continue my adventure, I would like to note that I stayed at my little custard job for three years (it was also a seasonal job only open for about seven months out of the year).  After my first season, the boss made me the store manager and I had a pretty hefty raise too!  Yep, I was living the high life.  (I’m such a kidder) In all seriousness though, that was when I decided I wanted to be in management.

Now, back to when HE came along!  He was a guy I knew throughout my childhood (I prefer to leave names out of this).  Ah, we were the best of friends all through school.  We even dated each other’s best friends for some time.  One day while I was working, he and some of his co-workers came in to have lunch.  It was so nice to see an old friend.  A brief meeting was all it took to get the ‘fireworks’ started!  From this point on, it all goes south!  Basically, we dated for about two months, got engaged, in another two months we were married!  (What was I thinking!!??)  It only took me a couple of months to see that he was a real jerk and well, I ended up leaving on our one year anniversary (Jan 15, 2006).  I know that sounds heartless, but I had many valid reasons for my harsh exit.  Actually, there were too many to count.

We were married in January of 2005, my season at work picked up in March.  It was exhausting trying to find work during the off-season.  A low earnings slip definitely did not cover my monthly expenses so during that break I had no choice but to find some type of work.  One word: Retail.  I loathed the mall by the time I was able to leave.  By the end of summer, I was ready to look for a more permanent job.  October 5, 2005 was my first official day at First Community Bank.

And these are the days as a banker…

In my four years at FCB, I worked at three different branches and carried three titles.  I quickly learned that my male cohorts moved right on up, whereas I found myself scraping at the bottom for the first two years of employment.  (It has always been said that women do not have a glamorous place in the world of banking)  Exhausted from the entire butt kissing scene and going that ‘extra mile’, I decided that it was time to go back to school and make something of myself.  Within the week, I was officially a college student! *Woo Hoo*

It finally felt like things were piecing together.  I can remember feeling so good, so free.  Going through a divorce at the age of 21 was rather scary.  However, in the end it taught me how to be strong and that no matter what I may face, there IS a light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

In April of 2006, I met Adrian- little did I know that he would end up being hubby number two.  (The FINAL hubby, I hope!)  There are no words to describe him.  He is such a wonderful person with a huge heart and I could not ask for a better person to share my life with.  (Anyone who can put up with me is a trooper!)

Let’s fast forward a bit!  August 18, 2007- I married my best friend.  I ended up leaving the bank halfway through 2009, only because my hours were cut.  It was so hard to leave the place where I had worked so hard to make a name for myself.  I took a position at a trucking company doing accounts receivables and pretty much hated that job.  Besides, I missed my cozy little office and the daily cup of Starbucks coffee.  School was completed in 2009 and I also took a Children’s Writing course (1 year).

The present:

I now work at a Credit Union doing what I’m good at- playing with finances.  My job is fantastic!  Writing has finally become a part of my daily routine and I am soaking in every minute of it.  I’m so thankful for all the wonderful writers I have met along the way!  Although I am not proud of some of the decisions I made, it is because of those choices that I am a much stronger person today.

Maybe I like taking the unknown path.  It makes life a little more interesting.  I’m choosing to let loose, color outside of the lines, and just go with it!  That definitely sounds like a plan.

***Have a Happy Monday!***



6 thoughts on “Lost in Transition…My Awkward Journey Through the Unknown!

    • I’m going to go wherever the path leads me! I’m tired of trying to figure it all out. Besides, I’m having too much fun by mixing it up! Thanks for reading my ramblings. Lol Follow me on my scatter brained journey! 🙂

    • Thank you! I have learned from my ‘unusual’ choices. For so long I tried to determine the outcome of what was in store for me. I now understand that taking it one day at a time is best and no matter what the outcome is, I am ok with that. Happiness is my number one priority. The one thing I struggle with is anxiety. It gets me down, but I refuse to let it beat me! The bad thing is how it affects my thought process when it comes to writing. However, I choose to stay optimistic and I keep pushing on. Thank you so much for reading my post. 🙂

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