Six Sentence Sunday #9

Hello readers and fellow sixers!!

Another week has come and gone and once again I find myself planning the new week ahead!  It is exhausting. 🙂  Last week was a little disappointing because I felt like I accomplished nothing.  One thing is for sure, I ran around like a crazy person all week!

I will now get on with this week’s six! Of course, it is from my short story “What Matters Most” (the one I feel like I will NEVER finish).   Enjoy!

Right as you walk in was the stairway, decorated with fresh green garland and twinkling white lights.  The fireplace was crafted with perfectly proportioned stonework and a honey oak mantel to complete the look.  Hardwood flooring and crown molding accented the rooms.   Off to the right I could see into what I assumed to be the dining area.  In the room was a beautiful antique table that had a setting for each seat and a baby grand piano in the far corner.  It was ravishing!

I enjoyed writing out the description of the bed and breakfast!  It is exactly what I would love to have in my next home.  There is a lot of ‘wishful thinking’ going on in my head! 😉  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out my post!  It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

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***Have a great week and happy writing!!***


14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #9

  1. Your pre-post reminded me of a saying that used to be plastered on posters and coffee mugs a bunch when I was a kid: “The faster I go, the behinder I get” LOL! I totally relate to that statement!

    Anyway, I’m right there with you, sister, as far as the house description! I’d love to live in a house like that. Eloquent and vivid language. Really puts the reader in the room with her.

    • Hey KE! I’m jealous of Gigi (lol). Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to have a roof over my head, but I’m ready for some more space! I really enjoyed the statement “The faster I go, the behinder I get”. That is true on so many levels!! Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

      • Maybe if I actually slow down a little, I will get somewhere. Shew…I am exhausted. When I actually do sit down to write, I find myself dozing off. Lol, it could be age catching up to me!!?? 🙂 Good luck Karysa!

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