I Am Who I Am…

The first week of 2012 has come to a close!  I’m still coming off of the chaos and exhaustion and it was only a four-day work week.  The New Year started off with a bang and now I feel like everything is settling back into the same old routine!  Well, I refuse to let myself fall into another slump (in any area of my life).  Procrastination is my worst enemy, lurking around in hopes to step in at any given time.  Yes, I have a tendency to succumb to its evil plot!  My mind is filled with what I believe to be ingenious ideas, but my actions show no motivation whatsoever.  It is disappointing.

I tweeted this comment yesterday….I am who I am.  I’m finally happy with that!  Most of my time is spent on the next big idea, trying to develop a way of becoming someone.  With writing, for example, I waste so much time trying to compile my thoughts and ideas that I burn myself out on the whole thing and give up until I feel like picking it back up.  I’m too obsessed with writing that ‘perfect’ piece.   Of course, I think about my readers and what would be of interest, but I also want to express myself as well.  The quickest way to destroy a passion is by allowing the joy to slip away.  I can think of countless times where I have demolished my enthusiasm because my focus was no longer on the passion!  The same goes with my career.  For years, my focus remained on where I wanted to be within a certain amount of time.  There was no enjoyment in my work, so I eventually reached burn-out mode.

My plans for this year are to take one day at a time, relax, and do what I can without stressing to the point of giving up!  I have very reasonable writing/personal goals set and I hope to maintain a clear mind while working towards them.  We live on numbered days, why waste time over something that is out of our hands?  I’m not saying that I am giving up on what the future holds, but I am now trying to appreciate what I have presently have.  In other words, I am who I am.  It will be what it is going to be.  I’m happy with that!

I appreciate all who support me through the ups and downs of writing.  If it weren’t for my family and the wonderful writers I have met by social networking, I’m sure I would have given it up.  It is a struggle and a challenge, but it is also a passion!  As for the personal goals, I finally feel like I have found my place.  (Now, let’s hope that I can maintain that status) 🙂

Here’s to hoping that each and every one who has a goal or dream to fulfill does so!  If not, that is still ok, because if you gave it your all…that is an accomplishment in its own!

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. – Judy Garland


2 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am…

  1. Hi Kris! I think you have absolutely the best attitude. It’s so easy to burn ourselves out when we stress too much over each detail, strive for perfection, aim for all those goals that are actually unattainable in terms of what anyone of us can reasonably accomplish. That said, when we love what we’re doing we can persevere and have faith that we will accomplish our goals, or some of them, and in any case take pleasure in our work (i.e., writing.) Keep going! I always think of the improbable way JK Rowling was “discovered.” A publisher was on the phone and, when he was placed on hold, he began leafing through her manuscript. It was among a stack he was unlikely ever to read. The rest of course is history. Okay, I don’t think that’s gonna happen to me, but you never know what’s in store. Best of luck in the new year, Kristin!

    • I agree! I am thankful to have the ability to write and for reaching the number of people I do. Without the support of you and other writers, I fear that it would be too easy to throw it all away. My journey in writing has been difficult; however, it has been enlightening as well! You are a wonderful writer and I feel that big things will come your way…

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