Six Sentence Sunday #5

Happy Sunday to all!!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week!  With Christmas around the corner, I am beginning to feel the stress of the fast paced holiday!!  My writing has fallen behind due to the sheer craziness of the season, but I hope to get everything back on track with the upcoming week.  As promised, here is this week’s six…enjoy! 🙂

Of course, there would be an exquisite little lady to compliment the perfection that surrounded me.  I stepped out of the car, unsure of what to say.  “Hello there, I’m looking for somewhere to stay for the night.”  

A precious smile flashed across her face.  “Why, my dear, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Cartwright’s Cozy Corner.”

Okay, there it is!!  Another week, another six!! I appreciate you stopping by to check it out…until next time!

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12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #5

    • Hey Sadie! Thanks for stopping by! I would LOVE to take a vacation there myself! Hmmm…I bet she is one who will make you feel just like family. At least, in my mind she does. 😉 Have a great day!

  1. Wow! I have more questions than answers, which is a good thing! Is this mystery/ suspense or a feel-good family/home/hearth small town story? Can’t wait to find out! Great six!

    • Hey there!! I’m ecstatic that you have questions! 🙂 It is going to be a feel-good family story. I am at the point of getting into why she left Boston and what her plans are for her new ‘start’!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Beginning a new chapter in one’s life is a perfect premise for a new story. Can’t wait to see what awaits her. Nice writing, Kristin, and great six!

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