Black Friday Breakdown!

Gobble Til Ya Wobble!

Ah, with the Thanksgiving festivities winding down, it is now time to prepare for the highly anticipated Black Friday nightmare!  *shivers*  I am not one for crowds; in fact, any other day of the year I avoid masses of people at all costs.  However, there is something inviting about fighting a slew of people for that one gift at a ridiculously low price!  This is the one day where my inner ‘ninja’ comes out, ready for a challenge.  See, I have an advantage at being 4 ft 11 in tall; I instantly go into ‘sneak attack’ mode, sniping items from people before they even register what happened!  (They literally don’t see me coming)

One thing that I absolutely will not do…stand in a line for hours only HOPING to get a specific item!  Now, we know that most places have the one, awesome deal that no one can refuse; but the kicker is this: THEY ONLY HAVE TWO IN STOCK!  No thank you, not for me!  Wal-Mart is the worst for setting up people with the hype and becoming the kill-joy, because in reality they only have a handful of certain items in stock.  In the end, those who are in charge of the inventory control are getting a good laugh!  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy finding an awesome deal, but I personally feel that Black Friday is a deceptive marketing strategy.  (Duh, right?)  It is designed to make everyone crazy, completely messing with the whole mindset.  I have seen some of the nicest people turn straight psycho on this shopping day. Pure insanity!

One thing is for sure, this girl doesn’t play the psycho shopper game.  I am only out to have a good time!

Well, I suppose that I have rambled enough this Thanksgiving eve.  Here’s to hoping that everyone had a fantastic day filled with good eats, laughter, and fellowship with family and friends!  If you attempting the late night shopping as I am, be safe and try to make the most of it!  This was my Black Friday breakdown and I thank you for stopping by.  I hope to see you on Sunday for my next Six Sentence post!  Bye now.




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