Six Sentence Sunday #2…

Hello to all and Happy Sunday!  Thanks for stopping by to check out what I have for this week’s six!  It is hard to believe that in less than a week we will be enjoying all of the festivities of Thanksgiving.  Mmmm…I can already taste the fine fixins’ now!  With that being said, I hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday and are filled with the sweet ecstasy of a turkey coma! *grin*

Here it is, the next six that comes from my current short story, “What Matters Most”.  Last week left off with my protagonist, Gigi, traveling to Watch Hill where she will begin a new chapter of her life.  (Gigi Donahue will be her name. I still have yet to introduce that in the story!)  Her drive is filled with many emotions stemming from the life that she left behind in Boston and leading into the new start that she will face in Rhode Island.

The short, two hour drive quickly became rigorous due to severe sleep deprivation and the agitated ulcer that had recently become a part of my daily living.  It took more focus than I was able to give to stay centered between the broken white lines of the highway, fearing that I may abruptly find myself cascading into the darkness of the median.  The furthur I traveled, the scenery proved to be less civilized and my nerves seemed to become more frazzled by the mile.  This trip, I thought, would never come to an end. 

About thirty minutes later I noticed a distinct feature of my new home in the distance, the historic Watch Hill Lighthouse.  The majestic structure, all lit up with its beautifully constructed seawall immediately caught my eye. 

I hope that you enjoyed today’s read!  Have a great Sunday!

Be sure to check out all of the other great sixers over at!! Bye now.


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