Thoughts on Writing…

If there is one thing that I have learned about writing, it is this:  it shouldn’t matter whether you make it or not; if you enjoy it, nothing should stop you!  Many times, I have found myself searching for the ‘perfect’ words…but, real words come from searching deep within the heart.  I believe that my ‘perfect’ words come from seeing life as it really is.  Every being is unique and every life is an open book.  If I take a look at my life, past and present, it is filled with real characters, scenes, actions, resolutions, and intense emotions!  What better story is there to tell, than your own?  There will always be those who will be negative, but you will also have at least one who really appreciates those words.

There have been countless times that I have closed myself up to writing, only because I let the discouragement overtake my passion for it.  However, one morning (here recently), I awoke with a thought that led to an idea for a short story.  One week later I have already began writing it, given it a title, and actually feel that it could be something.  Even if it does not spark the interest of others, just knowing that I set a goal and saw it through to completion is enough for me.  I can no longer allow myself to make a dozen changes because I feel that it is not good enough, but to focus on delivering a message that I feel strongly about in my heart.  With that being said, I can only hope that anyone else who suffers from the doubt and anxiety that comes with writing will be able to just let go and write freely!  There is no better feeling than that of self-fulfillment.

Just remember this, you have to follow through…

Thank you for stopping by!


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