Quirky Turkey!

Happy  Monday to all of my readers!

It is hard to believe that we are a little over a week from sitting down at the dinner table, preparing ourselves for the yearly gorge fest!  (Actually, to correct myself, the gorge fest starts on November 24th and ends sometime in January.)  Mmm…I can taste all of the goodies now!  Along with the good eats and festivities come some pretty quirky experiences…strange traditions, dinner disasters, or that one family member that no one wants to claim! Yes, I do believe you all know what I am talking about.

For instance, my husband and I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the last two years.  The thought of cooking an entire feast terrified me from the beginning, only because I was not used to cooking for more than two people.  I would have thought that the first year of preparing this massive dinner would have brought about some issues; but, it was actually last year’s dinner that had us in a fluster!  So, here we are, literally making every fixin’ you can think of in this tiny little kitchen of ours.  We have our usual twenty-five pound Tom Turkey baking so beautifully in the oven and everything else is going quite smoothly.  Four o’clock rolls around and it is time to sit down and enjoy what took us all day to complete.  My hubby begins to carve the perfectly golden Tom and there it is; very little meat and SOLID bone! We could not figure out what was going on, here we have this massive bird (that we had to buy a special pan for) and there was no meat.  It was sheer chaos!  We did, however, come up with enough meat to satisfy the entire crowd of six. (I know, huge!)  We are already discouraged from our disappointment of a bird when embarrassment decides to strike again!  Here is a little advice, NEVER buy a ten dollar bottle of holiday wine from Wal-Mart because it tends to taste like carbonated Ajax…yuck, yuck, yuck!  Yes, we decided to pop some bubbly to add a little spice to our little shindig and well, a few gags later, I had to brew some more tea!

This was probably not the most enticing story and I am sure most of you can top this with some quirky mishap.  So, please do! I would love to hear your comments.

Oh, and by the way, while we were cleaning up dinner later that evening my hubby strips what was left of the meat from Tom.  Well, he flipped it over to get what he could from the bottom and WOW!  It was meat galore.  Yes, we apparently cooked the turkey upside down!  Oh well, yet another lesson learned!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your comments! Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Quirky Turkey!

  1. Love your description of that ‘special’ holiday wine you got from Walmart tasting like carbonated Ajax; I practically had to go rinse my mouth out after reading that vivid and effective narrative 🙂

    We already had our Thanksgiving in Canada back in October, and I’m happy to report we didn’t have any mishaps with our dinner this year. Past celebrations are another story altogether…

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration together, Kristin.


    • Thank you Carole! Yes, that wine was definitely like an interesting blend of household products! Wow, I didn’t know that you celebrated your Thanksgiving in October. (I learn something new everyday!) It is nice to hear that your family didn’t have any mishaps during the festivities! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my blog…hope you will come back soon! Have a great day!!

      Oh, and this year I will not be doing the holiday entertaining; hopefully it will be peaceful! 🙂

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