Mental Madness!

Hmm, it has definitely been too long since I have written my last post. It hasn’t been due to laziness or procrastination, but from what I like to call, “blank screen syndrome”.  My thoughts were beginning to develop a certain ‘separation anxiety’ from the laptop, with feelings consistent with exhaustion and obscurity.  Writing, I have learned, is definitely an acquired taste; it isn’t for everyone.  There have been many times that I have set in front of a blank screen, ready to pull every strand of hair from my head because the frustration from being unable to express my thoughts have drove me mad.  This madness, however, is all a part of writing’s vicious cycle.

One concept that truly amazes me is the “blockage” writers tend to get, we also see in our daily living.  Each and every one of us get to a point in our lives where we draw a blank, not knowing what is expected of us or what will come next.  Even though there is anxiety within the unexpected, doesn’t the idea of ‘not knowing’ seem somewhat exhilarating?  Allowing ourselves to step out of the comfort zone may provide an opportunity that we would not have experienced otherwise. Although my writing has been more of a venture, the satisfaction of sharing my thoughts with others is overwhelming.  I consider myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to write, even if I never make it out of the bloggers world.

So many people end up looking back on their life regretting some of the choices they didn’t make, wondering if they will ever have another shot at their ‘lost opportunities’.  I, myself, have already passed up on what could have been an amazing break for me.  After a period of mourning over my loss, the only reasonable option available was to stop feeling sorry for myself, pick up the pieces, and move on.  I did, however, vow that no matter how tough the road may get; I will put forth my best efforts to get my writing out there in hopes that one day I can turn my dream into reality.

Life is a gamble that is worth losing from time to time.  Wrong turns will be made, emotions will be stepped on, and there will most definitely be a variety of disappointments along the way.  Some will see their silver lining sooner than others, and the rest may see nothing at all.  The outcome will only reflect what effort has been put into it.  We are provided opportunities based on the principle that we have to work for our accomplishments and place careful consideration into each detail throughout the journey.  Each and every one of us is given the chance to pursue our dreams and become the person we want to be.  With many, attributes are discovered, allowing them to focus on an entirely different plan.  Whatever the circumstance, do not allow great opportunity to pass you by only because you get discouraged and feel like it isn’t worth the gamble.  What is the well-known saying?  You never know what you can do until you try!  Take a deep breath, focus on your goal, and make great things happen!




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