Life Is What You Make It…

Have you ever thought that you have it ‘all figured out‘?  You wake up everyday with the feeling of contentment and satisfaction, but often wonder where the fulfillment really comes from?  I mean, if we are really happy, why should that question even arise?  The thing is, our feelings toward life derive from the interpretation we have within.  It is one thing to go everyday with the spring-in-your-step, happy feeling, but what if it is just that? A feeling.  It is easy to train yourself to place a smile on your face, but very difficult to find that real happiness on the inside.   Sometimes, I feel that we need to sit back and really take a good look at the big picture; what is it in our life that makes us complete?  That is a hard question, right?  Happiness can come from a variety of things:  our family, spouse, friendship, religious background, surroundings, etc.  However, we must first utilize the comforts we have to work with and let it develop into what we consider our ‘happiness’. 

“But does not happiness come from the soul within?”

-Honore De Balzac

Life is what you make it.  How many times have we heard this throughout our life?  Well, I can honestly say…many.  I can recall on several occasions thinking to myself, “well, how do I make my life enjoyable?”  Again, I can honestly say, that answer is still unknown.  Over time, though, I have most certainly realized that life happens all day, every day, no matter if we have a plan or not.  The key is to just let go and live like there is no tomorrow.  Don’t be afraid to dance in the rain or laugh out loud over absolutely nothing.  Be exactly the person you want to be without letting others get in the way of it.  We all have individual lives, with individual purposes; no two people are alike.  Be grateful for your individuality and know that you are exactly the person that God created you to be!  With that being said, I hope that each and everyone that reads this takes a look at their life and can honestly say that a healthy amount of time has been invested into making it the best it can possibly be. 

Just be sure to live your life…don’t abuse it by disregarding your true potential for happiness!


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