Conflicting Beauty…

 1 Peter 3:3-4:

   3Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; 4But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price

As defined by, beauty is:  the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).

“Beauty isn’t makeup…”  (Unknown)

As women, we tend to perceive beauty as being how we measure up with our outward appearance.  Makeup, hair color, age diminishing creams, and other health and beauty products begin to form a ‘bathroom blockade’ as we continue to invest in what we think will make us more beautiful. 

It is unfortunate that today’s society is so caught up in materialism that it generates a continual affliction on us to be someone we are not.  Women are so easily influenced by the variety of products available to them and the celebrity endorsements, that it can make them believe they are one step closer to a utopia of exquisite perfection.  If we could only get past all of the rules of society and see that everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes, it would be easier to accept one another as we already are.  Our individuality is what makes us unique; it gives us the freedom to be who we want to be.  With that being said, why do we continue to let others determine who we should be?  Ladies, it is time for us to stand up for ourselves and see the God-given beauty that exudes from the depths of our being.

Obtaining a physical satisfaction within ourselves is crucial because it allows us to focus on the most important form of beauty: inner.  If our inner beauty is balanced, it will begin to show through our outward appearance and radiate God’s passion into others.  However, there are many people out there who refuse to look past a person’s physical appearance, causing them to lose out on some very important, much-needed relationships.

Inner beauty goes much deeper than just being a good person.  It consists of your personal traits; defining exactly who YOU are.  Once again, it boils down to individuality and being able to stand out as a unique element among others who continuously try to be something they are not.

Song of Solomon 4:7

7Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.

God sees the beauty in each of us; He made us through His perfect vision.  He would still see our beauty even if we wore no makeup, never styled our hair, or put on a few pounds.  He is more concerned with what we have to offer on the inside.  Our focus should also be on our internal traits; treating others with love and kindness, respecting ourselves, and living to serve God to the fullest extent.  There are times when we need to substitute our physical makeovers for spiritual ones.  Spiritual cleansing is a highly recommended product for everyone; it is an all-in-one refresher, rejuvenator, and relaxer that provide a head-to-toe experience.  Don’t forget, it also leaves you with that exciting tingling feeling too! 

Beauty is sought out by many, but is only mastered by few.  True beauty is being able to feel good about yourself, knowing that God made you specifically.  It is seeing past ‘outward appearances’ and accepting others for who they are and what they have to offer.  Lastly, it about knowing that no matter what, God will stand beside you in your best and worst times.  It doesn’t matter if ‘society’ labels us as unattractive, as long as we know that it isn’t true.  There will always be someone nipping at our heels; but, instead of allowing it to tear us down; we need to pray for them.  Their insecurities are so strong that they do not know how to see the good in anything.  They tend to feed off of their insecurities, fueling themselves for the next verbal attack.

We are all BEAUTIFUL children of God.  Enough said.


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