Let Go and Let God!!

Regret, bitterness, anger, sadness, jealousy and a hardened heart can all be a cause by something of our past (or present).  It is sad, though, that sometimes it takes great measures to open our eyes to a positive solution.  Life, unfortunately, is filled with many trials that are sometimes hard for us to understand, but we need to always keep in mind that God has a specific plan for all of us!  There are things from my past that I have held onto and by doing so it has only caused me to feel more disconnected from those who truly want to help me. 

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  (KJV)           

One of the best ways to find inner peace is to dive into the Word.  God’s promises are scattered throughout and offer such compelling messages of his grace and mercy.  How lucky are we to have a God who loves us so much, that he gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free to live happy, prosperous lives!  If only, through our darkest times we could not worry, persevere and let God work through us as in His will. 

We define ourselves by our actions and how we handle the obstacles that are thrown our way.  It is safe to say that life is no easy task!  As a matter of fact, there are times when I would much rather give up than to continuously fight for uncertainty.  The reason I use the term uncertainty is because even though we have an expected theory on how things should turn out, we never really know how it will be.  But, that is all a part of the amazing way God works in our lives! 

It is okay to be upset whenever we are feeling down and out, but when we lose sight of the one who can lead us through the storm, that is when things go awry.  God does not want us to be miserable and unhappy; He only wants the best for us.  But, in order for us to have spiritual prosperity, we have to place our trust in Him and be ready for His presence to work through us!!  The ONLY way to live is through Jesus Christ and to give all glory to Him!  Our lives are nothing without His guidance and instruction. 

So, my prayer today is for those who have held on to whatever it is that has caused them to feel so lost and burdened, that their hearts are opened up to what God has to offer to them!  He knows your situation and  hears you crying out for help!  All you need to do is allow Him to show you the way to salvation, because without Him we are just mere humans.  He can take us from being ordinary into being extraordinary followers of His awesome grace and wonder! 

Finally, it is time to let go and let God!


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